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Avon Foundation Awards
Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jennifer Hudson poses for a photo at the 7th Annual Avon Foundation Awards celebration.

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"American Gangster" premiere
Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Denzel Washington and his wife at the "American Gangster" Premiere.

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Irv Gotti on 50 Cent

"We was Goliath and he was David. He came at us at a time when we had had three strong years of radio. It was the perfect time to come at us. He had his music right. He should've been smart enough to know, don't -- with David when you're Goliath or he's gonna slay you."

via Allhiphop

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Madonna & Tupac Shakur's love child?

According to Lucy O'Brien's new book, "Madonna: Like an Icon," out Tuesday, it almost happened.

O'Brien says Madonna, in her mid-30s, "desperately wanted children and had various relationships with unlikely men." The singer's friend Alison Clarkson recalls when she was briefly dating Tupac Shakur, one year before his death.

"She was going out with him ... but homegirls were saying to him, 'I can't believe you're going out with a white girl,'" - so she got dumped!


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2007 Angel Ball

Chudney Ross at the 2007 Angel Ball.

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Singer Patti LaBelle and Boxing promoter Don King at the 2007 Angel Ball.

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Angell Ball

Star Jones arrives in The Audi Q7 to the 2007 Angel Ball at the Marriott Marquis October 29,2007.

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Angel Ball

Singer Ashanti attends the 2007 Angel Ball presented by the G&P Foundation at the Marriott Marquis on October 29, 2007 in New York City.

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Is Hilary Clinton A Liar???
Monday, October 29, 2007
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Kim Kardashain two little sisters, Kylie, 9, and Kendall, 11 begin to play "Girls Gone Wild," by lifting up their shirts, screaming "Woo!" Afterwards, they make their way to the stripper pole in their parents' room. (Source)

Very disturbing!

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Diana Ross needs you.....

Dlisted via Wenn
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Showing Some Leg

Actress Kerry Washington arrives at the Louis Vuitton Gala.

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Love it or Hate It? Alexis

Kanye West and Alexis at the Louis Vuitton Gala celebrating the Murakami exhibition.
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Louis Vuitton Gala

Tennis player Serena Williams arrives at the Louis Vuitton Gala celebrating the Murakami Exhibition.
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Should Oprah Close Down The School?

Tearful Oprah begs forgiveness

"I've disappointed you. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry," Oprah told parents at an emergency meeting in a packed marquee tent on the school premises.

"I trusted her (Dr Mzimane). When I appointed her, I thought she was passionate about the children of Africa.

"But, I've been disappointed," Oprah said in tears last Saturday.

The father of one of the pupils had responded by telling Oprah: "It's not your fault. We don't blame you."

"You trusted them. You have more passion for the school and its existence than anyone else in this country, including us parents."

Oprah gave parents the assurance she would do everything possible to ensure that those who had been guilty of abuse would be dealt with.

Rapport newspaper has disclosed that the queen of chat personally laid a charge with the police against the matron concerned.

Oprah's "daughters" have accused Dr Mzimane of failing to take action, although the girls had often complained of being grabbed by the neck, beaten and thrown against a wall, and being sworn at.


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Keyshia Cole on the Tyra show

Keyshia Cole on her mother being in jail most of her life. Along with being adopted at the age of 2, finding out about her mother at age 7, and not knowing her father.

via Sandra Rose
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Still In love
I think....

Star Jones and her husband Al at Kenny Burns 35/40 Birthday Extravaganza Presented by Belvedere.

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Takashi Murakami Honors

Naomi Campbell at Takashi Murakami Honors Marc Jacobs - October 28, 2007
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Joy in Los Angeles

Actress Joy Bryant arrives in an Audi A8 at the Murakami Event in Los Angeles - October 28

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Evan Ross & Aubrey O'Day at a Halloween party.

via Dlisted

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Jaleel White partying over the weekend at club Pure in Las Vegas.

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Friday, October 26, 2007
Oh, Andre!....

The Queen of fashion, Andre Leon Talley attended the Annual Night of Stars last night with Jennifer Hudson.

via Dlisted
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Keep A Child Alive

Conde Nast Media Group Presents the 4th Annual "Black Ball" Concert for "Keep A Child Alive"

Model Iman and her husband David Bowie

Russell Simmons and his new girl....

Diddy, Jay Z,

Ali Hewson, Bono and Alicia Keys

Gwen Stefani

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When your not making money in the US.....

go to London or overseas. That is what Kelly Rowland is doing.....

Kelly Rowland launches "Sims 2: Castaway" at the Virgin Magastore in London.

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Terry McMillan comes with more drama

"I am not doing this to literally demonize Jonathan Plummer, but he is an evil person to have done the things he has taken pains to achieve. I loved him for years and did everything I could to help him evolve.

The reason I told UNEQ Magazine so many of these previously undisclosed details is because he needs to be exposed to the community he is also pimping.

He forgets that gay men have sisters and mothers. And it is because he doesn't care, just like he doesn't care if he ever goes back to Jamaica. It is the main reason he went on television to announce his homosexuality.

He wanted the people in Jamaica to be embarrassed and to hate him so that in the event that our marriage were annulled - his goal was to use the self-generated hatred sure to come from Jamaica so that he would qualify for asylum and be able to stay in this country if his citizenship were revoked or in jeopardy.

This is how slick he is. This was the main reason he and his attorney went on Good Morning America and leaked my so-called homophobic insults to the media and included them in court documents. But the public had no idea of this goal because the focus was on 'Terry the Homophobic Witch' and not his theft, betrayal or deception.

What was it that he gave me that would make any man think that I should pay him spousal support? A grown, healthy, gay man who was all of 31 years old? I did not rent a husband. He tried to paint me as Mommie Dearest and apparently some people bought it because he did to the gay community what he had been so successfully doing to me for years and that was to play the sympathy 'I'm-the-victim' card. And he is certainly a very high-profile victim who has taken every opportunity he could to take advantage of his so-called victimization."

She goes on to say,

" What kind of platform has he chosen to draw positive attention to this problem? In every interview he's done, not once does he mention anything he's doing to help other oppressed gay men and women.

Someone should ask him about this instead of always focusing on me. I've done more and shown more support for the gay community over the years than Jonathan will ever do. What is it he's doing besides getting a tell-all book published to draw attention to himself with the hopes of making money and once again all by pimping my fame? What has he done? Nothing.

The gay men and women who are still suffering in Jamaica have not benefited one iota because of him. Quite the contrary. He gives gay men a bad rep as far as I can see. But he thought everybody was going to love him unconditionally. And look at what a spectacle he is making of himself and a mockery of his sexuality, all for his own personal gain. He could care less about men still in the closet."

Why not just let it go? We already knew this when they went on the Oprah show. She is just drawing more attention to him.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Diddy on JLo

"She's going to make a great mother. She is one of the most caring people I've ever met. When I went out with her, I saw that quality. I'm extremely happy for her, and I will be sending some expensive god-daddy presents to her baby."

I'm sure Kim Porter will be in Essence's magazine next week making comments about it.
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Love it or Hate It?

Mary J Blige Just Fine Official Video. This would've been a great track for Whitney Houston.

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Jermaine Dupre Book Party

Janet Jackson and Natasha Smith at Jermaine Dupri Book Party.

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Men's Vogue

Click HERE to read the article.

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Rapper Common, Actress Kerry Washington, "Run's House" Family and the Cast of "Menudo" Visit MTV's "TRL" - October 23, 2007

Hmmm, I wonder if the rumors are true.

About them dating. Do you see it?...

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