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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Excellent show! I'm already hooked.

Click HERE to watch the hour-long episode.
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"El Cantante" Premiere

Actress Zoe Saldana arrives to the premiere of Jennifer Lopez new movie "El Cantante"....

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WYCLEF: “Lauryn Is Straight Up The Problem”

Wyclef interview in Scratch magazine.

Scratch: What's going on with the Fugees reunion, or lack there of?

WYCLEF: I'm officially Paul McCartney from the Beatles now. If the Fugees wanna come back, and Lauryn wanna come back…you can’t break the format. Don’t come back and be like, "I wanna produce a beat.” That’s like me saying I wanna sing an R&B vocal. When we was working on the album, I was like, [to Lauryn], "You need to do this like this." [And] she says, "How do you know what's relevant? I haven't heard anything from you in the past like three, four years?" The minute she said that I was like, I gotta go back to working.

So what's ultimately holding you guys back?

Lauryn is straight up the problem, bro. She wants to be a producer. Don't come telling us how to chop up beats so you can get credit for it.

What makes you think she would take the credit?

We did a remix [with] Lauryn for John Legend, for the record “How High.” John Legend was saying our names. You know what she had [him] do? She was like, “Take off Wyclef and Jerry’s names.” Because she wanted people to think that she was the one doing the beat…I’m a producer and I’m a beatmaker with my cousin Jerry Wonder, and I’m a writer. She’s a writer, a vocalist, [and] a great [vocal] composer. And she's great at picking out samples—she got 20 billion samples but can't chop ’em up to save her life.

Click HERE to read more

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Rapper Lil Kim was photographed holding up a T-Shirt saying ‘Leave Lindsay A -Lohan'... According to Celebrity Bablyon, Lil Kim left this message for Lindsay, "Hold your head…" and "God loves you, so do I."

Sure you do.

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Jaslene González on Anorexia.....

"Anorexia is a sickness that I do NOT tolerate in my life. Just because I’m a model doesn't mean that I am going to starve myself. I am happy with who and what I am. I don't have to go and starve myself to think that I look good. I will say that there are many models who have gone through that hardship and I really feel sorry for them. I love myself for who I am. There is nothing in this world that can change that." Source
posted by Juicy @ 7:26 PM   |
Nicole Richie: I am Pregnant

Nicole Richie confirms, she is 4 months pregnant. Shouldn't she be showing by now? I hope she isn't still starving herself.

In an exclusive television interview with ABC News' Diane Sawyer, Nicole Richie confirms for the first time she is pregnant with Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden's baby.

"Yes, I am. We are. I'm almost four months," Richie told Sawyer.

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Tyra Banks talk show is now filming in the NYC...To help promote her show, and to increase ratings, she goes out into the streets to yell and scream at innocent pedestrians.


In Related News,

America's Next Top Model is now casting for females 18-27.


Saturday, August 4

* 10am @ 4pm
* Park Central New York
* 870 Seventh Avenue at 56th Street
* New York, NY 10019
* Line-up will start at the side entrance ONLY (55th Street between Broadway and 7th Ave.)

*ANTM casting team will be in attendance

ANTM has been confirmed for a three year renewal

Source: Tyra's Secret

Picture Source: celebutopia

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Beyonce in New York

Beyonce photographed leaving 'TRL' studios....

In Related News,

Beyonce's mother, Tina Knowles, will debut her new clothing line on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) next month as part of its Fall Fashion Week.

"I love the fact that the sizes go all the way up [2 to 24]," said Knowles in a statement. "There's a forgotten woman who wants a pencil skirt, too, or a blouse that's a little lower cut.

"Beyonce has backup singers who are full-figured women. Being a woman over 50, I try to think about the things I have going for me and the things I want to hide, like my arms. I'm giving them options with shrugs. I've been a stylist for so many years, I know how to accentuate the positive."


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The Inspi(RED) Event

Claudia Jordan who was rumored to be dating Diddy attended The Inspi(RED) Event in Hollywood California.

posted by Juicy @ 8:11 AM   |
Melanie Brown and her boy toy

Stephen Belafonte and singer Melanie Brown attended the The Inspi(RED) Event at Mood Nightclub, yesterday.

posted by Juicy @ 8:05 AM   |
Star Jones: I Had Gastric Bypass Surgery
As if it was a surprise... In the September issue of Glamour, Star Jones admitts that, yes, she had gastric bypass surgery – despite previously only admitting to having undegone a "medical intervention."

Why the delay in speaking up? "First, I didn't know if the surgery would work," she writes in the first-person essay. "I had spent my entire adult life telling everyone that I was fine with the way I looked. I never thought I'd have to explain it.

"But the complete truth is, I was scared of what people might think of me."

Source: People Magazine
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Tameka Foster is finally speaking out about the swirl of rumors surrounding her canceled nuptials to Usher this past Saturday.

"No one knows why we canceled the wedding, but I can tell you that all of the reasons that everyone is speculating and writing about are completely untrue," Foster told PEOPLE Monday, but she declined to reveal more about why the nuptials were called off.

Foster, 37, who is now in Atlanta (as is Usher, 28) does address one rumor that spread on local radio stations and blogs – that following Saturday's canceled ceremony, she checked into a local hospital and went into pre-term labor.

"We had a scare," she says. "But, I am fine and the baby is fine."

Somebody is lying....
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Monday, July 30, 2007

According to TMZ, Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband, Freddy von Anhalt, 64, was photographed after a trio of women robbers (he says) pulled up next to him, asked for a photo, but instead robbed him at gunpoint and left him naked and cuffed to his Rolls-Royce.
posted by Juicy @ 5:51 PM   |

Photos from the set of Britney Spears' new video 'Get Back'.

Photo Source: Faded Youth

posted by Juicy @ 12:35 AM   |

Stylist Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie are looking more and more alike these days.

Last year, Nicole Richie fired Rachel Zoe saying, she was a bad influence without going into much detail. I'm sure you don't even have to guess why.

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Tichina's hair style.....

Actress Tichina Arnold at the 10th Annual Super Saturday hosted by Donna Karan.

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Still trying to fit into Hollyweird
Kerry Washington is looking really skinny these days...

Actor Kerry Washington and Political Pundits tackle the Presidential Race in the Hampton's.

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I think Serena looks great with the new short hair cut.....

Serena Williams and her beau Jackie Long at Fergie Live From the Pearl at the Palms - VIP Sky Lounge in Las Vegas.

posted by Juicy @ 12:03 AM   |
8th Annual Art For Life

Kevin Liles and Nia Long at the 8th Annual Art For Life "Not So Mellow Yellow" auction.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007
8th Annual Art For Life "Not So Mellow Yellow" - Auction 8th Annual Art For Life.

Forest Whitaker, Keisha Whitaker and Russell Simmons

Diggy Simmons and Aoki Lee Simmons

Vanessa Simmons and Aoki Lee Simmons

Too cute for words

Ming Lee Simmons and Angela Simmons

No Smiles for Rev RUN, lol.....

I love Angela's dress. Good choice

posted by Juicy @ 11:43 PM   |
African Film Festival

Victoria Rowell attending the Pan African Film Festival Closing Night in Atlanta this weekend.

posted by Juicy @ 11:31 PM   |
Eddie Murphy, Tracey Edmonds Engaged

According to People Magazine, "Tracey and Eddie were engaged last Wednesday," says the rep. "Tracey and Eddie are both very much in love and are excited about spending the rest of their lives together."
posted by Juicy @ 11:25 PM   |

According to TMZ, it seems that absolutely nothing was working for the would-be bride and groom.

Usher's mother and former manager was part of the problem, as were differences in opinion between the couple. Usher's mother, Jonetta Patton, is against the wedding, and was only invited to the ceremony at the last minute. Her disapproval, a source told People, "is one of the main obstacles."

Usher wanted to take the reception upscale with a catered dinner from chef Jean Georges, while Foster wanted a backyard barbecue. "They only decided two weeks ago to have a wedding," said a source. "They wanted to have it take place before the baby bump started showing."
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Saturday, July 28, 2007

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The voodoo spell is no longer working....

Usher said, "Hell No" to wedding bells with Tameka Foster.

According to TMZ, Usher and his fiancee Tameka Foster have called off their wedding, which was scheduled for today.

A statement released by Usher's publicist, Patti Webster, said, "It was announced today that the wedding ceremony for Usher Raymond, IV and Tameka Foster was canceled. No additional information will be given regarding the circumstances of the cancellation, but we hope the privacy of this matter will be respected."

Usher and the much-older Tameka (he's 28, she's 37) are expecting a baby this fall. No word on whether the couple is still engaged or even together.

What do you think happen???
posted by Juicy @ 2:55 PM   |

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