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Brook Valentine is getting physical for her second album
Monday, July 31, 2006
MTV News Report -- Brooke Valentine has said she didn't think her first LP was sexy enough, so she's getting physical for her second, Physical Education. The album is slated for release in October.

"It's very urban, sultry," the singer said at last month's BET Awards. "Mannie Fresh on there, Tyrese, Jermaine Dupri, (producer/manager) Deja the Great --so many amazing people. I can't wait for the world to hear this album."

While committed to her musical career, Valentine--an MTV "You Hear It First" artist --- is looking to break into acting as well. "I'm reading some scripts," she said. "But I want to be in the right movie--I don't wanna be lookin' a crazy fool in a movie, so I want to do the right thing."
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Ashanti looking pretty in yellow @ the Stereo House Party in Amagansett, NY

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Beyonce & Jay-Z were photographed while meeting some friends to have dinner in a restaurant in the Upper East Side in New York, City. Jay-Z was photographed holding Solange's son, "Daniel."
(spotted @ Beyonce World)
So, cute.....
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Listen to diddy's come to me ft nicole scherzinger - real /windows

Sean "Diddy" Combs Visits "Rap City"
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MTV Video Music Awards - Press Conference
Beyonce is looking fabulous. I'm glad to see she left the glove @ home, lol
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Kimora @ the after party for, "Art for Life Seventh Heaven." Pretty skirt
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Need a laugh, then check out this funny clip of two guys remaking the DeJa'Vu Video..
Layonce Knowles feat. Gay ZZZZ - Deja Vu.

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Sunday, July 30, 2006
P.Diddy's Arrival in South of France

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Kevin Federline Music Video Shoot at Pure Nightclub. He actually looks cute in these pics, and kind of sexy, lol. Wow, I can't believe, I just said something nice about him.

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It seems like the media wants every celebrity to be pregnant even when they're not....Check out these pictures of Halle Berry stomach looking flat, as a board.

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Brett Ratner, Alina Puscau and Russell Simmons
B Smith attended the event... She has an awesome Soul Food Restaurant in the D.C. area.

Why, Why, Why...
Rodney Jerkins & his wife Joy

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Russell & Kimora hosted the Art for Life Seventh Heaven @ their East Hampton's Estate.
Adorable **Sigh**

Lyor Cohen and Russell Simmons
Donna Karan and Gayle King... Where is Oprah???

Miss I'm a pretty white that can't sing (Aubrey)... Who is the guy in the photo??? I thought she had a man back at home.
Erica Reid and LA Reid riding in............

Debra L. Lee attended the gig..... But shouldn't she be trying to help BET generate better shows right now. I'm sorry, but the station really sucks.
Starzilla actually looks pretty in these pic's. But unfortunately Star and Almania couldn't look good together. Check out his white church shoes with his outfit.

Tichina Arnold

Who ate all the hog mog (John Witherspoon), attended the event too.

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New pics of Ciara @ The Flaunt Your Flirt: A Benefit for VH1 Save The Music

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New pics of Halle.................

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