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Friday, March 30, 2007
Cherish at VOGUE Eyewear Presents Spring/Summer 2007 Collection.

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Will someone please tell Neyo?!?....

Ne-Yo at NCAA Men's Final Four

And PLEASE leave this pose for MJ to resurrect.....

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Fantasia: The Six Million Dollar Woman
That's how much dough has poured into the box office of the hit Oprah Winfrey-produced musical since Feb. 22, when it was announced that the "American Idol" winner would join the show on April 10 in the starring role of Celie.

Fantasia is set to play the part for six months.

"I know the movie," she says. "I own the movie. But I never thought I'd be Celie. The show brought me to tears. It's such a blessing."

Fantasia arrived this week from Chicago, where she has been working with an acting and vocal coach and the musical's director, Gary Griffin."It's been a crazy schedule," she admits.

The hectic schedule may have caught up with her and her good health. Yesterday she was on vocal rest and bravely fighting a case of strep throat.

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According to Just Jared, Britney Spears checks out the party scene on Thursday at West Hollywood lounge Bridge with her cousin Alli after a five-hour divorce settlement meeting with ex-hubby-to-be Kevin Federline.

Sources say K-Fed will make out with $1 million and have joint custody of their two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James.

Check out Just Jared for more pictures.

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Dave Chappelle will return to television as a producer for a pilot on HBO called "Judge Mooney" starring comedian Paul Mooney.

The show will have Mooney reenacting actual court cases that have already been decided but in a Paul Mooney style.

"Whatever I say goes," Mooney told the L.A. Daily News. "I've also got a little dog that sits on my judge's desk, and I ask the little dog's opinion. If the dog barks, I say, 'Well, the dog says you have to go.' It's real crazy." Mooney is known for his many appearances on "Chappelle's Show" as Negrodamus and on the comedy club circuit. (Source)
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Discover Noblige

Nia Long Son, Nia Long and Mom

Nia Long and Son

Eric Lasalle, Rodney Peete, Holly Robinson and Guy Torry

John Witherspoon and Marla Gibbs

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Charm School: Act 4
Thursday, March 29, 2007

The latest entry in the Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School Starring Mo'Nique behind-the-scenes pre-series has hit the 'Net.

Hottie's certifiably insane segment features her dog Cash, a chance meeting with Flav, some shots of her mansion and red-carpet cavorting.

Like Dat's comparatively quiet entry features the Jersey City native taking a nice trip to the country and throwing it down on a radio show. "I am big, I am happy, somebody love me, whatever," says Like Dat. (Source)

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Beyonce Sets Billboard Chart Record With 'Beautiful Liar'
Beyonce and Shakira have set the all-time record for biggest jump in the history of the Billboard Hot 100
as the recently released superstar duet, "Beautiful Liar," bullets upward an unprecedented 91 slots (#94 to #3) in a single week.

In Related News,

Also arriving on Tuesday, April 3 is Beyonce's B'DAY Anthology Video Album. Available exclusively at Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the B'DAY Anthology Video Album includes Beyonce's videos for "Kitty Kat (intro)"/"Greenlight," "Upgrade U" featuring Jay-Z, "Deja Vu," "Ring The Alarm," "Irreplaceable," "Listen," "Suga
Mama," "Get Me Bodied," "Freakum Dress," "Flaws & All," "Kissing You" and "Beautiful Liar" featuring Shakira.

As an added bonus, the video collection features fifteen minutes of exclusive behind-the-scene footage. (Source)

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R&B singer Rihanna drops a new single entitled "Umbrella" featuring Jay-Z. "Umbrella," produced by C. Tricky Stewart, is the first single from Rihanna's eagerly awaited third album, untitled as yet, set for June 5th release.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Rihanna says "It's a nonstop pace, very speedily, and Def Jam does not play, that's all I can tell you," she gripes of her record label.

"We just keep going and going - it's fun, we make sure that we have fun while we do it."

"It shows such growth for her as an artist," Def Jam President Shawn Carter, better known as Jay-Z, told the AP. "If you listen to the lyrics to that song, you know the depth and how far she's come."

Jay-Z delivers the opening salvo on the dramatic song, about the strength of a relationship. (Source)


"Umbrella" can be heard on www.rihanna.defjam.com.

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After early 90's mega group Xscape split, former member Tamika Scott shifted her career field to acting and theater.

Tamika breakout role in Tyler Perry's 2004 play "Meet the Browns," not only opened doors for her drama career, it resurged her name back into households and gave her new life for a solo R&B project. Serving as the A&R/co-executive for the "Daddy's Little Girl" soundtrack, she began her resurgence for singing again. Now after the success of "Daddy's Little Girl," she is concentrating on her solo album, her daughter's acting career as well as her writing vocation.

Click HERE to read Tameka's interview with Singersroom.

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Braynboy showing off his manheels in public.

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Wild 'N Out Season

Nick Cannon's Wild 'N Out Season 4 Kickoff Party

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Jennifer Lopez visits MTV's TR3s Studios

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Brandy in West Hollywood

Brandy in West Hollywood outside the Bodhi Tree bookstore (TMZ).
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According to TMZ, Halle Berry once tried to commit suicide when her marriage to former baseball star David Justice fell apart.

In an incredibly revealing interview with

Parade magazine, Berry claimed that she tried to use exhaust fumes to take her own life, but thanks to a powerful vision, stopped at the last minute. "I was sitting in my car, and I knew the gas was coming, when I had an image of my mother finding me," Berry said. "She sacrificed so much for her children, and to end my life would be an incredibly selfish thing to do.

It was all about a relationship. My sense of worth was so low. I promised myself I would never be a coward again." (Source)

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Black Eyed Pea Fergie is still mortified by the notorious 2005 incident which saw her accidentally urinate on stage.

The star, confessed to her embarrassment on British TV series "The Dame Edna Show," and blamed the incident during a performance San Diego's Street Scene festival in California on a lack of toilet-going opportunities.

She says, "We had to rush onstage before I had the chance to go to the restroom. It was a very embarrassing night for me." (Source)

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Lil Wayne new deal....
Rapper Lil' Wayne has signed a new deal with management firm "Hip-Hop Since 1978," to oversee all aspects of the star's career.

Gee Roberson and Kyambo Joshua will work with the rapper -- and his longtime manager Cortez Bryant to negotiate new projects in the music, TV and movie world. (Source)
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Zoe Saldana & KD Aubert in Cali
Zoe Saldana and KD Aubert at Oakley Women's Eyewear Launch Party

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Meagan Good at Oakley Women's Eyewear Launch Party

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Christina Milian in Cali

Christina Milian at Oakley Women's Eyewear Launch Party

In Related News,

Joss Stone vs Christina Milian

British soul singer Joss Stone has launched a scathing attack on Christina Milian in the upcoming GIANT magazine issue.

EUR WEB reports: While Stone had some harsh criticism for today's crop of R&B singers, her most scathing words were saved specifically for singer-actress Christina Milian, who just so happens to be the ex-girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend, Beau Dozier.

Joss Stone describes most singers today as just highly paid strippers. When told she may have just insulted a large swath of singers, she cocked her head to the side, flashed an innocent smile and said, "What? It's not like I'm not telling the truth.?

When Christina Milian's name came up in conversation, Stone, according to writer Aliya S. King, doesn't bother to hide her disdain for the woman who Dozier, now Stone's ex-boyfriend, once dated. Stone told King: "I could tell you some stories about her... ," then launched into a profanity-laced tirade against the pop star.

King writes: After I point to my tape recorder, reminding her that she's on record, Stone doesn't quit. Instead, she continues to go off on Milian and, even worse, Milian's mother. I'm just honest, Stone concludes with a shrug. "Christina has never met Joss," Milan's publicist responds. "She can't imagine what this is all about." (Source)

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Reportedly, G-Unit's First lady Olivia has been dropped from the label as of March 26. Rumors of sexual harassment are circulating. (Source)

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Fantasia Barrino on the set of her new video
Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fantasia Barrino "When I See You" Video Shoot in NYC

This should have been her first single.

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COMMON at the "Grindhouse" Los Angeles Premiere.

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Actress Vivica Fox lost a endorsement with Cadilliac/GM after being charged with a DUI.

The endorsement would have paid Fox $3 million dollars for three years. (Source)
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Rapper Kanye West has scored himself a dream home (pictured above) in Los Angeles-for a cool $7.2 million. The rapper's new Beverly Hills pad was built in 1921 and, according to the Los Angeles Times newspaper, it hasn't been on the market for 45 years. (Source)
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Style queen KIMORA LEE SIMMONS is to be turned into a doll by toymakers Mattel.

The Baby Phat designer and estranged wife of hip-hop mogul RUSSELL SIMMONS will create a clothing line for her mini-me, which is expected to hit toy stores later this year (07). (Source)
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Vanessa Bryant and Kobe Bryant "Grindhouse" Los Angeles Premiere.

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