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Opening Night at the 40/40 Club
Monday, December 31, 2007

Grand Opening of Jay-Z's 40/40 Club At The Palazzo Hotel Las Vegas

Mary J Blige & Neyo

Beyonce & Jay Z

Revernd Al Sharpton (so-called civil rights leader) and Jay Z

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Opening Night at the 40/40 Club

Vanessa Simmons at the Opening Night at the 40/40 Club in Las Vegas, NV

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Trey Songz Caught on Video Attacking Ice Man
Saturday, December 29, 2007

Songz (real name Tremaine Aldon Neverson) has been captured on tape appearing to beat up a concertgoer after allegedly throwing ice at the stage. In several videos posted on YouTube.com, the singer can be seen ordering his DJ to cut the music as he angrily calls for the offenders to "own the f**k up."

After spotting the man he believes to be the offender, Songz and his bodyguard Jumped into the crowd and attacking the suspect.

According to a witness, "They beat the dude down. Took his jewels, chains, and grills. The dude's mouth got bloodied up. Then Trey comes back in and finished the night." The latest incident comes just two months after a shooting occurred at Songz' concert in Atlanta, Georgia, in October (07), which left one man fighting for his life after being shot in the abdomen. Songz was not directly involved in the crime.


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Congrats To Brandy!!!
LOS ANGELES (AP) - The Los Angeles city attorney's office said Friday it will not charge Brandy in a deadly December 2006 freeway crash.

Spokesman Nick Velasquez said there is ''insufficient evidence'' for a jury to find the 28-year-old actress-singer guilty of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter beyond a reasonable doubt.

Story via Starpulse

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Nikki Beach

Model Tyson Beckford hosts the opening of Club Nikki at Miami Beach, FL.

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Ricky Romance: "Chris told all of us "participate in those fuckin gay acts, and you'll always be taken care of."

RICKY ROMANCE: Marques Houston and Chris Stokes have been lovers for years. Yeah, Chris is married, and it's a real marriage as far as them bein down for each other, but Marques will always be there. Why do you think all through the B2K period he was keepin Marques Houston's name alive when he was over...They had to shout out IMX, who gave a fuck about IMX??? It's b/c Chris was, you know, with Marques.... That's why he kept poppin up.

Listen to Rick Romance interview with The New Urban Blog

Click Here To Listen

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Tyra in L.A.
Friday, December 28, 2007

Tyra Banks shopping at The Grove in Los Angeles.

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Rihanna: 'I'm Slowly Getting Paler & Paler'
Rihanna fears her globe trotting is slowly turning her into the new Michael Jackson - she's getting paler and paler.

The "Umbrella" singer admits she has noticed her dark skin tones losing their luster, and she feels she needs a long break at home in Barbados to replenish her rich color.

She says, "In the beginning, I was dark. Now I've been through cold weather, and I'm slowly getting paler and paler."


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Rumor Mill
According to Illseed over at Allhiphop.com, people are saying that the video that he recorded was done under duress. Then there are people stating that some gang members went to visit Raz and made him issue the video statement denouncing his previous statements against B2K guru Chris Stokes.
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Raz B Takes It Back
Thursday, December 27, 2007
Truth or Lies, that's the question. Raz B denies all the statements, he made about Chris Stokes molesting him. Here's the video.

Makes you wonder if he received hush, hush money.
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Out & About
Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Halle Berry visiting the Four Seasons in Hollywood. I hate to mention this, but where is her boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. He's been missing in action since her announcing her pregnancy.

image via hollywood's best
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Nothing is Cute....

at all about this performance, the short dress, the panties showing, and the guy showing off his belly. Pictures of Lil Kim performing in Nigeria over the weekend.

via Dlisted
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In Baby News

According to Celebrity Baby Blog, Reverend Run, 43, and his wife Justine Simmons adopted an American-born baby girl in September, who they named Miley Justine Simmons. Miley was one month old when they brought her home and will make her debut on the family's MTV reality series, Run's House, in January.


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Not At Fault?

TMZ has learned the hang-up in deciding whether to file vehicular manslaughter charges against Brandy is that Brandy may have been a victim, not a culprit.

The law enforcement source says Awatef Aboudihaj, the woman who died, struck the car in front of her -- which was going 65 mph, and then slammed on her brakes. We're told the sudden stop caused Brandy to hit the dead woman's car.

What's more, L.A. County Coroner spokesperson Captain Ed Winter tells TMZ that toxicology reports show Aboudihaj had "slight traces" of marijuana in her system at the time of the crash.

The L.A. City Attorney has until the end of the business day on Friday to decide whether to file criminal charges against Brandy -- that's when the one-year statute of limitations runs out.

The problem for the City Attorney: if they file manslaughter charges, they have to prove Brandy did something negligent -- and we're told that could be difficult if not impossible.

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We Don't Believe You....
Monday, December 24, 2007
you need more people.

Child molester, Chris Stokes issued this statement to Allhiphop,
"The accusations that Demario "Raz B" Thorton and Ricardo Thorton have made are vehemently false and hold no merit.

I have recently stopped financially supporting both individuals
along with assisting them with their criminal and legal matters which leads me to believe they are resentful and looking to benefit financially from this.

My family is my first priority and the reason why I have been so supportive of them. In bringing these false claims, they have not only slandered me, they have also put me in a position to ensure that the truth is known and I will take all legal routes to protect myself, my family and my four children," said Chris Stokes, CEO of The Ultimate Group.

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Chris Stokes A Child Molester
with each other in the hotel at age of 11 & 12 years. In the video, Raz B is speaking to Marques Houston's sister on the phone. He discloses Chris Stokes molesting him and other band members... Along with the reason why he went on Noah's Arc. Appearing on the show was an expression for what, he went through.

Source: ONTD

This comes, as no surprise. However, it's still shocking to hear. I'm hoping the news will spread before the video is removed again...Sexual predators should be exposed!
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Juicy Links
Saturday, December 22, 2007

Britney Spears - Nothing Ever Changes

Makeda Suing Remy Ma

Jamie Foxx Parties Like A Rock Star

Tennis Player Venus Williams In Vogue

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Shake Your Booty Part Deux!

Janet Jackson On The Set of "Feedback"


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Mini Bits
Supermodel-turned-talk show host Tyra Banks is planning to adopt a child. The 34-year-old wants to follow in the footsteps of celebrities including Madonna, Sharon Stone, and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt by opening her home to a child in need.

She says, "I've wanted to adopt since I was nine. I have a connection with children and they don't have to come from my womb for me to have that connection."

Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson is charging fans $1,000 each to watch her ring in the New Year at Miami, Florida's The Setai.

The singer will perform songs from the hit film at a New Year's Eve party.


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White Chrismas party

Vivica Fox in high-waisted jeans at Norwood Young's White Chrismas party in Los Angeles.
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Shopping in West Hollywood
Rapper Eve out shopping in West Hollywood at Diab'less.

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Omarion: "I'm Very Mild-Tempered"
Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bow Wow didn't know Toure's questions and comments were all part of a BET prank that was discussed with the pair's label beforehand. The interview was to be used for an upcoming "Punk'd"-style show called "Hell Interview." "Everything is good, man," Omarion told MTV.

"You know how it is, sometimes when you're coming up in the game and you as young as we have been, sometimes people think they can — not necessarily push us around, but they feel they can play with us like that.

If it had been 50 Cent or Game or any other man who would have stepped up in that interview, it would have went a lot differently. We want our respect, man. We want our respect as men. You don't just throw a man in a spoof interview and disrespect him. You have to respectfully talk to him. We didn't know it was a spoof, but I'm a little bit different when we handle situations. I'm very mild-tempered. I like to think about what I do before I do it. Bow gets upset."

(Source: singersroom.com)

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"The Great Debaters" New York Premiere

Actress Jurnee Smollett and producer Harvey Weinstein attend "The Great Debaters" New York.

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No Alcohol For Chris Brown
Chris Brown is so determined to stay straight, he has turned down $15,000 bottles of champagne from admiring fans. The responsible 18-year-old is refusing to give in to temptation and instead chooses to give away the booze to pals and relatives.

He says, "Dudes have bought $15,000 bottles of champagne and brought it over to me. I just give it to the older people, like, 'Y'all can have that, I don't drink. Give me a cranberry juice or a Sprite."


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Shopping in L.A.

Gabrielle Union shopping at Paige Premium Denim in Los Angeles.

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"Young Hollywood Club" Christmas Party & Toy Drive

Actress Tamala Jones arrives with toys at Nick Cannon's "Young Hollywood Club" Christmas Party & Toy Drive

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Christmas Party and Toy Drive

Nick Cannon at the 'Young Hollywood Club' Christmas Party in Los Angeles California.

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Celebrity Sightings in New York City

Celebrity Sightings at the Cleveland Cavaliers vs NY Knicks game

Rapper Fabolous

Angela Simmons and Vanessa Simmons

Penny Marshall and director Spike Lee

Jigga Man Jay Z

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Why Lawd
Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Porn Star, Jenna Jameson deteriorating before your eyes. A lot of people have question eating disorder. But if this was someone of color people would be screaming drug abuse or even HIV/AIDS. Sad but true.

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It's About Time!
TMZ has confirmed that a judge issued a bench warrant for singer R. Kelly -- because he did not show for a court hearing today in Chicago.

Kelly's tour bus was delayed in Utah, so he was a no show. The judge in his child pornography case issued the warrant but won't enforce it just yet. But if R. Kelly doesn't show up tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM, the judge will tell the fuzz to arrest him.

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Maxwell and his new hair-do attended a Screening of "Cassandra's Dream". I love his music.

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Nah just kidding. But I'm sure PETA will think Twice about messing with them....

Singers Mary J. Blige and Patti LaBelle at the Mary J. Blige's "Growing Pains" Album Release Party.

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