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Nickelodeon's 2008 Kids' Choice Awards
Monday, March 31, 2008

Singer Chris Brown, actor Will Smith, and his children at Nickelodeon's 2008 Kids' Choice Awards.
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Nickelodeon's 2008 Kids' Choice Awards

Actress Nia Long and her son arrives at Nickelodeon's 2008 Kids' Choice Awards.

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"Shine A Light"
Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jennifer Lopez arrives at the "Shine A Light" New York premiere.

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Peep the crowd....
The crowd is going crazy for a picture of Mariah.

Mariah Carey arrives at Hotel Georges V in Paris, France, March 30.

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13 1/2 bowling shoe?

According to TMZ, Barack hit the lanes in Pennsylvania yesterday, where he bowled a 37 wearing a size 13½ bowling shoe.

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Rapper Remy Ma To Fans: Write To My Judge To Be Lenient
According to the New York Post, Grammy-nominated rapper Remy Ma hopes her fan base will count in the courtroom when she is to be sentenced for shooting a woman outside a nightclub.

A statement posted prominently on Remy Ma's MySpace page asks visitors to write letters about how the rapper and her music have ''positively affected you, influenced you, inspired you, etc. ... in hopes that the judge will be lenient.''

It provides a special e-mail address for anyone inclined to do so.

positively affected you, influenced you, inspired you, etc... She can not be serious.
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Looking Great!

Jennifer Lopez in New York City on March 28, 2008.
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Tyra Banks arrives at the 1st Annual Fiercee Awards honoring the women of "America's Next Top Model" on "The Tyra Banks Show" airing on April 30, 2008.

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Charity at Ruby Skye

Rihanna performs live for her "Believe" Charity at Ruby Skye on March 28, 2008 in San Francisco, California.

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Hello Kitty Sweet Suite
Saturday, March 29, 2008

Keke Palmer at the Hello Kitty Sweet Suite in Los Angeles, California.

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Back together?
Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nivea and Lil Wayne at a night club.

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Tupac Report Was Based On Fake Documents

The Los Angeles Times ran an article on March 17 claiming the music mogul's former manager, Czar Entertainment CEO Jimmy 'Henchman' Rosemond was involved in a plan to ambush Shakur at a New York Recording studio in 1994.

Chuck Phillips, the journalist who wrote the story, recently issued another response standing by his article.

But now TheSmokingGun.com claims to have obtained the 'official' legal documents - and alleges they are all fake.

According to the website, the supposed FBI files had been created by convicted con artist James Sabatino while serving time at the Allenwood federal prison in White Deer, Pennsylvania - because the FBI have no record of the 'reports'.

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What happen to selling records?

Mya helps to kick off the 8th Annual North Shore Animal League's Tour For Life with a raffle drawing.
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Brandy Denies
Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Singer/actress Brandy has responded to a legal claim she owes a landscape gardener $3,576, insisting she never received a bill and the amount has now been paid.

Raymond Soriano Landscape filed legal documents in a Los Angeles court alleging the star owed the company unspecified "landscaping expenses" for work carried out at her property between July 2007 and February 2008.

Brandy Norwood - claims she was never notified of the outstanding amount owed because the bills were sent to the wrong address.

Her representative Courtney Barnes says, "Brandy's business manager moved offices and never received any of the bills in question. The landscaper has now been paid and we expect that the lawsuit will be immediately dropped."

Story via Starpulse News

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Sophie's Penthouse

Page Six reports, GAYLE King , Oprah Winfrey's best friend, has moved into a penthouse purchased in the name of Oprah's recently departed pooch, Sophie.

According to deed-transfer records released yesterday, a company called Sophie's Penthouse LLC bought a $7.1 million full-floor sky palace atop the 36-floor building at 207 E. 57th St., reports The Post's Braden Keil. It has three bedrooms, 31/2 baths, a large living room/dining area, and a 768-square-foot wraparound terrace.

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The pictures don't lie....
Sunday, March 23, 2008

According to Faded Youth Blog, Serena Williams and rapper Common attempt to make a discreet departure following a night of partying at Villa nightclub in West Hollywood on Friday night.

The pair - who appeared together in Common's latest video I Want You - were spotted hand-in-hand at a New York party last week, and have been rumoured to be dating over the past few months.

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Still performing...

But only overseas. LL Cool J on stage at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, Australia.

In Related News,

Rapper LL Cool J is developing a new TV series with CSI: Crime Scen Investigation creator Anthony Zuiker. The hip-hop hitmaker will star in and produce the new show, which is tentatively titled "The Man."

He reveals, "We have a great show, where the level of quality and the quality of writing has been taken to another level." Starpulse

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"The Heart of the City" tour

Mary J. Blige and Jay-Z perform during "The Heart of the City" tour in Miami.

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Great way...
to make the entire show about you....

"Making the Band 4" Season Finale at MTV Studios in Times Square on March 22. The final show will air on Television tonight at 8pm (eastern standard time).

Diddy and his twins, D'Lila Star and Jessie James

Danity Kane. I like Dawn's outfit....

Day 26 performed...

Dawn and Q displayed public affection on set.

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Jennifer Lopez: 'I Conceived Naturally'
Thursday, March 20, 2008

She tells People magazine, "It was natural. We didn't do in vitro, which I know was reported. Everybody assumed that because we had twins. I wanted to have a baby, but I've always said exactly what I said all those years they (reporters) asked us since we've been married: 'Well, when are you guys gonna have some kids?' 'When it happens naturally, I guess!' And that's when it happened. It was a surprise to us."

Lopez, 38, admits she often doubted whether she'd ever become a first-time mom.

She adds, "You start getting older, you think to yourself, 'Maybe (having kids) is just not meant for me.' I knew there was nothing wrong with me. I knew that I could. Deep down, I really wanted it badly... (But) after one year, two years, three years... You know, you start thinking to yourself, 'Well, maybe...'"

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Crazy A**!

Kimora Lee Simmons wants to honor her late dog by turning the pet's remains into a diamond. The Baby Phat model and fashion designer is in mourning after 18-year-old dog Zoe's recent death.

But she is contemplating celebrating Zoe's life with a new piece of jewelry.

She tells People.com, "You have to... grieve. It's okay to take time and say this meant something to my life and (to) honor it. There is a company that makes diamonds out of your loved ones. They make diamonds from a little of the carbon from the ash, so I might do that. I might turn her into a diamond."

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Day 26 at MTV's "TRL"

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Love it or Hate it: Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross arrives at the Prada Presents Trembled Blossoms LA.

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Its About Time!

Angela Bassett honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

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