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Brazilian Model Dies of Anorexia
Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Even after Brazilian modeling agencies signed a policy which restricts anorexic models from entering the profession, yet another woman has lost her life to the disease.

Maiara Galvao Vieira, a 14 year-old aspiring model is the fifth Brazilian woman to die of complications related to anorexia in 3 months:

Galvao Vieira, who was 1.70 meters tall [about 5' 7"] and weighed about 38 kilograms [about 84 lbs.] was in the Miguel Couto hospital for over a month, after having been in three other public hospitals and no one being able to diagnose the disease.

The victim's parents say that she was so weak that she was unable to climb the stairs to her school.

Below are pictures of 2 models who passed away from the disorder.

Ana Carolina Reston, 5'7'' and 88 pounds had been hospitalized since for kidney malfunction due to anorexia nervosa and bulimia, which included a diet of only eating apples and tomatoes. She had a BMI of about 13.4 ; the World Health Organization considers a BMI of around 16 to be starvation. Her condition became more serious and deteriorated into generalized infection that led to her death at the age of 21.

Luisel Ramos, 5'9'' and 98 pounds. On August 2, 2006 at 9:15 PM, Ramos died of heart failure caused by anorexia nervosa while participating in a fashion show during Fashion Week in Montevideo, Uruguay. Ramos had felt ill after walking the runway and subsequently fainted on her way back to the dressing room. She died at the age of 22. Ramos' father told police that she had gone "several days" without eating. She was reported to have adopted a diet of lettuce leaves and diet coke, as well as diet rootbeer, for the three months before her death.


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