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Michelle Williams is blogging
Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Michelle Williams checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Friday (January 4).

Michelle writes:

Hey Hey! Happy New Year to my beautiful MySpace family! I am expecting 2008 to be an awesome year! Possibly the start of the best years of my solo life! How 'bout life period! I'm so excited!

As you guys know a portion of 'Stop This Car' was "leaked" on the internet and to my SURPRISE the responses have been soooooooooooo positive! I'm gonna be honest I didn't leak nor can I tell you who did even if my life depended on it!

Thank y'all so much for embracing it! It's truly a different song for me! I almost didn't record it... I'll get in to why a little later! So that being said... it looks like it will be my first single (I THINK!!!!)

The funny thing is, as I read people's comments I am just so moved to tears by the words of encouragement and the the excitement and readiness of the fans and even new fans that I pray to gain! Even the haters had nice things to say after they would criticize me and the song they still wish me the best! To you guys... I thank you! I don't mind the hate bcuz I know how to turn that ish around! At the end of the day... you just gotta love me bcuz I love you! I really mean that.

This time around it's time for you guys to know who I am and I'll make sure of it! This album will not disappoint... I promise you!

I'm going into this year with an open mind. I am learning so much about myself and this ever changing industry! On a serious note... MICHELLE WILLIAMS needs YOU! That's my campaign for 2008! Like Obama needed Iowa... Williams needs YOU! You know why... I GOTTA WIN! And I know you guys out there won't let me down! I gotta keep my end of the bargain too! So let's get 'em! I love you! May God richly bless! Michelle Williams ps.......a video will be coming soon!


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