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Supahead Interview With Wendy Williams
Tuesday, October 02, 2007

She must suffer from some type of mental disorder - maybe borderline personality disorder, sociopath or something. She changes up in every interview. In the interview Karrine confessed to having a therapist and a spiritual counselor saying, "She tries to help me."

Supahead on Tigger

Tigger never been suing me. You can't sue someone for their opinion. My opinion based on what I saw, I think he's a homosexual. You can be a homosexual there is nothing wrong with that.... My hairdresser is a fabulous homosexual, and so is his boyfriend. See, that's my opinion based on what I saw - not on hear say... It's what I saw in a particular room, in Miami on Memorial Day weekend, 7 years ago. The room smelled funny, like anus. That's one of the reasons why we broke up.

On Anal Sex,

Supahead: I never had it. We've been trying, but I can't seem to open up. I've been trying. I'm still trying. Do you have anal sex (asking Wendy Williams)?

Wendy Williams: Special occasions. It gotta be very special.

Supahead: Can you tell me how to relax?

Wendy Williams: The best place to have it is some place where it's wet. A pool, a shower, something like that.


Darius (Eddie Winslow from Family Matters) and I are trying, but it's really, really hard. He's big. He's big, I can barely take it in the right holes.

Wendy Williams:

Is he bigger than my pink pen?


Yessss! Darius is a beast and l love it.

Wendy Williams:

Longer or Thicker?


Thicker and just as long. Darius is a beast. I can't even take it in the proper holes. So, I try to switch to the other one, but the other one won't take it.

here to listen.

Audio Source via Rhymes With Snitch

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