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Alicia Keys - MTV TRL
Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Alicia's album will be released on November 13

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So this time it's been MAAAAADDDDD long since I wrote here. But I know you guys forgive me since I've been grinding on this new music. haaahaaaaa!!!! This is it though! Now is the time and I'm about less than a week away from being totally done. I almost can’t believe it. This has ABSOLUTELY been the most profound year of my life! I can’t even explain the depth that it goes, the things that I’ve learned, The things that have made me first weaker than stronger and finally over all a better person in so many ways. I can barely believe the way things have turned out! I’ve never been more happy with a record! These SONGS!!! Each one of them has such a personal and honest story that goes along with them. Each one of them are a piece of my heart and I’m so excited to be able to gift wrap it and present it to you.

The single is called ‘Noone” and I’m LOVING IT!!! I hope it’s a bit unexpected and something that completely surrounds you, engulfs you and sweeps you away. I hope it makes you feel good and strong and passionate and makes you scream the words at the top of your lungs. I hope it does things to you!!!! Hahahaha

As you can see I’m extremely exited about it and can’t wait for you to hear it!

Honestly, I cant wait for you to hear everything!! Each song is so different from the rest! You will NEVER have a chance to get tired. But as diverse as it all is, it still has the true representation and foundation of who I am, AS I AM now!

I have no regrets, no reservations, no hesitations, no DOUBT!

I am truly, totally and completely ready!!!

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