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X-rated magazines of Men or Women?
Tuesday, May 01, 2007
Hip-hop star Kanye West was repeatedly punished by his mother for constantly looking at porn magazines and videos as a youngster.

The singer was always in trouble with his mother Donda because he couldn't stop looking at porn while growing up. She recalls, "I'll never forget the day he took the X-rated magazine to school and was passing it around for the other boys to see and the teacher caught him. "When she asked him where he'd gotten the magazine, he said, 'From my mother's closet!' . . . Before I knew it, I'd lost my temper and smacked him across the face." And that was not the only time he was caught.

Donda recalls finding a porn tape belonging to her son in the family's video player, reports PageSix.com. She adds, "It was triple-X-rated and I was mad as hell. "I required him to do a full-blown research paper complete with footnotes and bibliography . . . 'The Impact of Watching X-rated Movies on a Teen-age Boy' . . . Until he finished the paper to my satisfaction, there was to be no television, no going to play basketball, no friends over." (Panache Report)
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