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Friday, February 09, 2007

What up my Beautiful, Sexy Friends!?!?!?

Hope you guys are doing well. I'm doing well. In a good mood. I'm out here in Miami working on music. It' going veeeery well. Having a great time and already got a new hit under my belt! Can't wait for y'all to hear what i'm up to.

Anywayzzz, i just wanted to touch bases with yall. It's bout to be a crazy week out here cause of the Superbowl. I'm pretty sure I will be going to a few events. As well as the Grammy's and AllStar weekend is coming up.

I will definately be doing a few events and maybe even hosting somthing during the Allstar Weekend in Vegas. I'll keep yall informed.

So did I tell u guys i have 2 new pets?!?!? i know, your like "DAMN!?!?" I already have 4 dogs (found a home for the 5th one (pit)) And now in Miami I share 2 ADORABLE kitties! I've never been a cat person cause they never seem too friendy but my kitties are THE BEST!!! They follow me everywhere and wanna play and go to sleep and chill wit me. Yeah, they're dope. HAHA, i'm so ammused by everything they do. It's funny. I miss my dogs though! ....I love animals!

I been keepin up my workouts. I've really come to LOVE it and have made working out a part of my daily routine. Your girl is gonna be EXXXTRA next go round... I dunno, u might
not " recognise (check your Spelling) me!!!?!?!? haha, i'm playing..kinda.. you'll see..

Well I've missed you guys. But now yall know what I been up to. Stay Sexy

Love--------CHRISSY CHRIS!

posted by Juicy @ 4:01 AM  

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