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Friday, December 08, 2006
"There were some rumors going around that Michael and I were getting a divorce and that the Islanders were saying they don't see me down there a lot," she reviewed. "I don't really know how these accusations came out that Michael and I are getting a divorce. Especially when I am still in my honeymoon stages right now. It's just not true. I've had a good handful of people calling me.

Being in the business, I've grown to have a thick skin. And I know that when you're hot, people want to talk about you - so I take it and reverse it and say, 'Ok, if you think that my life is that interesting, that you want to talk about it or start gossip, then go ahead."

"It's a wonderful relationship as far as being bi-coastal so to speak,"she said. "It allows me to be able to have my career. I want to keep that and hold that. That is who I am and that is who I was when he met me. So he has no qualms about me staying here and fulfilling my contract and obligations and my goals - and supporting me in that. And I don't have a problem with him staying down there and running his country. He respects his people and he loves his island. Through that love and passion, he has opened up a new world for me. So I have the best of both worlds. I get to work in L.A. and then I get to go down and be the First Lady and stand by his side."

And as for the Islanders not liking her? Lisa Raye said she was quite surprised to hear that rumor.

"I make sure that I don't have the celebrity type unapproachable personality when I am there. The people there are so loving and so welcoming to me. When I am there, I'm home. I've never found anyone there that has said anything about me or looked at me differently. They've accepted me with open arms and I appreciate that."(Go here to read entire article)

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