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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Are you scared of failure?

I'm scared of fear. I got to attack something when I'm scared. But am I scared of failure? I don't think so. No. Because failure is my choice

What's the last thing you feel you failed at?

The only thing I feel like I failed at was my first marriage. Yeah. Because I think failure is about your choices. I was the dude pointing at the closet. I tell my kids all the time, "When you make a comittment to something, when you look at somebody and you say you're going to do something. If thing doesn't get done, there's only two options. It's either done, or you're dead."

How old were you when you got a divorced?

I think I got married at 23, divorced at 26 or something like that. So I know I'm not doing that again. After I got divorced, I started researching relationships because there was obviously some sh*t I didn't know.

You've talked to Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman and Bruce Willis and Demi Moore about what happened to their marriages haven't you?

Tom and Nicole were very open to Jada and me. Bruce is so insightful. The big thing with Bruce is reality. You know the idea that people have to connect on reality. You have to agree on what things are. Like, we call this a chair, but it doesn't have to be a chair. We can call it a dump truck- but we have to agree to call it a dump truck.

Do you regret not going to College? You were accepted into MIT, right?

I wouldn't have made it. My mother worked for the school board of Philadelphia, so she went and filled out all the applications. I never even imagined going to college. I was making music. I had a really high SAT scores, so that's why I got considered. I wouldn't have made it past my meeting. I consider myself average intelligence and I don't like that [laughs].

What I have - that works for me - that I bank my life on - is good common damn sense. And everybody doesn't have it.

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